First Aid Training

Regulation 165(1)(b) requires employers to designate at each place of work under the employer’s control the number of occupational first-aiders as is necessary to give first-aid at the place of work concerned.

Following on from this, we now plan with support from HRI to hold first aid cources

ISSA Award Nominations 2017

Good luck to all the finalist.

(Wage Agreement)

It was agreed minimum wage to rise to €10.75c per hour while the travel expenses will also rise. Overtime rates are time and one third for all hours worked over 39 hours, time and two thirds for time worked on a Sunday and double time for time worked on a bank holiday.

Day Meetings
Evening Meetings
Saturday Evening, Sunday and Bank Holiday
All Weather Racing >80km
All Weather Racing <80km

The subsistence rates are €33.61 for 10 hours outside the yard and €13.71 for hours not less than five